Virtual Cruise - Worsley to Barton (2)

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Broadoak Park, Worsley, Bridgewater Canal
Looking back towards Worsley from near Broadoak Park. The canal is still an orange colour.
Barge Inn, Monton, Bridgewater Canal
The Barge Inn near Parrin Lane Bridge, Monton.
Monton light-house, Bridgewater Canal
Opposite the Barge Inn, Monton, is a light-house!
Monton, Bridgewater Canal
Looking back to the spire of Monton Church.
Winton, Bridgewater Canal
A former cotton mill is close to the canal at Winton, Eccles.
Patricroft, Bridgewater Canal
Worsley Road runs alongside as the canal approaches Patricroft.
Patricroft, Bridgewater Canal
Approaching Patricroft Bridge where the A57 Liverpool Road crosses the canal. Worsley Road runs alongside the canal on the right and Bridgewater Mill is on the left.
Patricroft, Bridgewater Canal
Moored boats at Patricroft.
Barton Road, Bridgewater Canal
From Patricroft Bridge, Barton Road runs alongside the canal.
Barton, Bridgewater Canal
Boatyard at Barton.

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