Salford - East Ordsall Lane to Oldfield Road (2008)

The photos on this page were taken in September 2008. Photos of this section of canal taken in 2005, before work started, can be found here. Photos taken in 2007, during construction work, can be found here.

East Ordsall Lane Bridge
Lock 3, from East Ordsall Lane Bridge, looking towards Oldfield Road.
Lock 3
The chamber of Lock 3, with East Ordsall Lane Bridge behind. A groove has been cut for a lock ladder to be fitted. Most of the stonework of this lock chamber is original and has been buried for 50 years. Because the road bridge has been widened since the lock was last used, there is no room for standard balance beams. A crooked beam is fitted on the right gate and a cranked beam will operate the left gate.
Lock 3
Lock 3 with a background of the Manchester skyline. Eventually there will be tall buildings between here and the railway viaduct, so this view will no longer be possible. On the ground in front of the lock a large grill covers the outlet for the back-pumped water and the inlet for the lock by-wash.
Above Lock 3
The pound above Lock 3 has been restored and is back in water. The sites on each side will be developed with housing when the economic climate improves.
Old Lock 4
At the western end of the restored section is the site of the original Lock 4. When the railway line was built, the lock was re-located on the far side of the tracks, with the canal channel passing straight through the old chamber. When the railway was widened, the canal was re-routed through a longer tunnel, the entrance to which can be seen in the photo.
Railway tunnel
The second tunnel under the railway at Oldfield Road. The tunnel has been recently discovered to be intact and able to be used to link to the next phase of restoration.
East Ordsall Lane Bridge
Looking east from the original Lock 4, with the iconic shape of the Beetham Tower reflected in the water.
From Oldfield Road
Looking back from near Oldfield Road towards Lock 3. Between the railway tunnel and the original Lock 4, a new winding hole has been constructed to allow boats to turn.
East Ordsall Lane Bridge - photo: John Fletcher
Nov 07: The road crossing East Ordsall Lane Bridge has been widened as part of the work in the area. The in-filled channel under the bridge has been excavated.
Lock 3 bywash - photo: John Fletcher
Nov 07: During the excavation of the channel below East Ordsall Lane Bridge, the original bywash exit for Lock 3 was uncovered. This is the round opening in the wash wall. The re-routing of BT fibre-optic cable bundles, visible under the bridge, are likely to cause a delay in re-opening of this part of the canal to early summer 2008.
above new lock - photo: John Fletcher
Dec 07: Under East Ordsall Lane Bridge, showing the towpath (left) and the fibre-optic cable bundles which need to be removed.
Lock 3 - photo: John Fletcher
Nov 07: The chamber of the excavated Lock 3, which will be re-used as part of the restored canal. This photo was taken in September 2007, before new concrete wash walls were constructed beyond the lock.
above Lock 3 - photo: John Fletcher
Nov 07: The new concrete wash walls above Lock 3, l;ooking towards East Ordsall Lane Bridge. The wooden shuttering has been removed. The Beetham Tower dominates the skyline beyond.
near Oldfield Road - photo: John Fletcher
Nov 07: Looking east from the site of the old Salford No. 1 Tunnel, near Oldfield Road. The new concrete wash wall on the left has been back-filled. This has still to be done on the right.
near Oldfield Road - photo: John Fletcher
Nov 07: Looking east from near Oldfield Road. A winding hole is to be made here, to enable boats to turn. When the railway was built, the canal was re-aligned here and made a sharp turn into the Salford No 2 Tunnel, beneath the tracks (to the left of the photo). This will be the second phase of the canal restoration at a later date.

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