Manchester Ship Canal Archive Photographs (3)

These pages feature photographs given to the father of Mr J W Harrop by Daniel Adamson, promoter of the Manchester Ship Canal. The photographs appear here by kind permission of Mr Harrop.

Adamson family - Photo courtesy of Mr J W Harrop
Daniel Adamson with family members. The photograph may have been taken at his home in Didsbury.
tug on river - Photo courtesy of Mr J W Harrop
This photograph is a bit of a mystery. It shows what seems to be the MSSC Witton, a Ship Canal tug, passing along a river at an unidentified location. A big barge is moored beyond the bridge. It has been suggested that this could be in France. Does anyone have any other suggestions?
Railway Accident - Photo courtesy of Mr J W Harrop
Believed to be a scene following a railway accident at Chelford, Cheshire, in December 1894. The locomotive, which appears to have damage to it's roof, is thought to be LNWR Waterloo class 2-4-0 No.418 "Zygia". which was running in tandem with Experiment class 2-4-0 No.520 "Express" hauling a Manchester to Euston express. A strong wind blew a high-sided goods wagon into motion, which collided violently with other wagons being shunted. The wagons hit the buffers and were de-railed, with one overturning into the path of the express train. 13 people were killed and 48 injured in the accident. The locomotive "Zygia" was repaired and continued in service for another 14 years.
Piccadilly Manchester - Photo courtesy of Mr J W Harrop
A busy scene at Piccadilly, Manchester.
Promenade - Photo courtesy of Mr J W Harrop
Construction of a sea-side promenade. Blackpool, perhaps? It is not certain what Mr Adamson's connection was with this scene.
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