Macclesfield to Congleton (2) - Virtual canal trip along the Macclesfield Canal

Foden Bank Bridge
Foden Bank Bridge, just north of Gurnett Aqueduct, is another rovng bridge.
Gurnett Aqueduct, Macclesfield Canal
Pleasant moorings next to Gurnett Aqueduct, just one mile south of Macclesfield.
Teggs Nose from Lyme Green, Macclesfield Canal
The view back from Lyme Green, near Leek New Road, with the rocky outcrop of Teggs Nose on the right.
Leek New Road Bridge
Leek New Road or London Road Bridge.
Sugar Lane Bridge
A view of the telecoms tower at Sutton Common from the Macclesfield Canal near Broadhurst Swing Bridge, with evidence of bank erosion on the left.
Sugar Lane Bridge
Bank erosion has broadened this stretch of canal.
Royal Oak Swing Bridge, Macclesfield Canal
Royal Oak Swing Bridge and footbridge at Fools Nook, where the canal runs alongside the A523 Macclesfield to Leek road.
Bosley Cloud from Macclesfield Canal
A mile further on, the bulk of Bosley Cloud comes into view.