Burscough to Maghull (4) - Leeds and Liverpool Canal

Coxheads Swing Bridge
The recently renewed Coxhead's Swing Bridge (also known as Rimmer's Bridge).
Coxheads Swing Bridge
The old manually-swung Coxhead's Swing Bridge has been replaced with this new fully electric bridge. One button on the console will lower the barriers and open the bridge while another will close the bridge and raise the barriers.
Jacksons Bridge
Jacksons Bridge.
Pygons Hill
An isolated group of houses stand alongside the canal at Pygons Hill.
Lydiate Hill Bridge
Lydiate Hill Bridge.
Lollies Bridge, Lydiate
The A5147 crosses yet again at Lollies Bridge, where the canal enters the built-up area of Lydiate and Maghull. This house in Lydiate stands in an attractive canalside setting.
The main linear moorings of Mersey Motor Boat Club stretch for half a mile here at Lydiate.
Dicconsons Bridge, Lydiate
Dicconson's Bridge, Lydiate (also known as Lydiate Bridge).