Wigan Locks (5) - Leeds and Liverpool Canal

The junction with the Leigh Branch, Wigan
The junction with the Leigh Branch (left) marks the bottom of the Wigan flight. The Leigh Branch leads to the Bridgewater Canal and Manchester. The main line of the canal continues to the right through two more locks towards Wigan Pier.
Henhurst Lock 86, Wigan
Lock 86, Henhurst Lock, with Henhurst Bridge behind. In the distance is the tower of Trencherfield Mill.
Henhurst Lock 86, Wigan
Henhurst Lock and Henhurst Bridge. The bridge was re-built in 2006 in a much more elegant style than the previous bridge. Gold-coloured lettering on the bridge reads 'Henhurst Canal Bridge Wigan 2006'.
Wigan dry dock
Covered dry dock alongside Lock 87, Wigan.
Lock 87, Wigan
Looking back eastwards at Lock 87. British Waterway's North West office is situated in the furthest of the three buildings on the off-side.
Trencherfield Mill, Wigan
Looking west from Lock 87. A trip boat leaving Trencherfield Mill heading for Pottery Bridge and Wigan Pier in the distance. Trencherfield Mill houses the world's largest original working steam engine. The former machinery floors are being developed into apartments.
Trencherfield Mill, Wigan
Canalside cottages in front of Trencherfield Mill.
Trencherfield Mill, Wigan
Looking back from Pottery Bridge, with Trencherfield Mill on the left and Lock 87 and the dry dock in the distance.