Leeds to Shipley (2) - Leeds and Liverpool Canal

Office Lock, Leeds
Looking east to Lock No 2, Office Lock.
Railway bridge, Leeds
The bridge carrying the main railway lines westward from nearby Leeds Station.
Railway bridge
Railway bridge, looking back. There have been several additions to the skyline since this photo was taken.
Monk Bridge
Monk Bridge, built in 1827 to carry Whitehall Road, the Leeds and Whitehall Turnpike Trust road towards Halifax.
Holbeck Viaduct
Just beyond Monk Bridge, an elegant disused railway bridge which formed part of Holbeck Viaduct crosses the canal.
St Ann's Ing Lock
A short distance ahead is St Ann's Ing Lock, which has a rise of only 4 ft 6 in - one of the smallest rises on the canal.
St Ann's Ing Lock
St Anne Ing Lock, alongside apartments built on the site of old railway sidings. 'Ing' comes from the Norse word for a meadow, especially a water meadow, hinting at what the nearby land beside the River Aire might have been like at one time.
St Ann's Ing Lock
St Anne Ing Lock.
west from Wellington Road bridge
Looking west from Wellington Road bridge.
Wellington Bridge
Wellington Bridge.
Oddy Locks
The Leeds and Liverpool Canal between Leeds and Bingley is noted for the number of staircase locks, where one lock opens directly into the one above. Around the corner from Wellington Road are Oddy Locks, the first of the two-rise staircase locks.