Selby Canal (2) - Paper House to Selby

Lund Tunnel, Selby Canal
Lund Tunnel, another drainage culvert passing below the canal.
Lund Tunnel, Selby Canal
Gateforth Landing. This historic quay makes a quiet mooring spot. Photo: Neil Arlidge.
Lund Tunnel, Selby Canal
The new East Coast Mainline Railway crosses here on the Selby Diversion, constructed to avoid part of the earlier route that was affected by mining subsidence. This was the UK's first purpose-built stretch of high speed railway. Photo: Neil Arlidge.
Burton Hall Bridge, Selby Canal
Burton Hall Bridge.
Burn Bridge, Selby Canal
Burn Bridge carries the A19 trunk road from Doncaster to Selby.
A63 Bridge, Selby Canal
The A63 Selby Bypass crosses.
Brayton Bridge, Selby Canal
Brayton Bridge carries Brayton Lane over the canal.
Brayton Railway Bridge, Selby Canal
Brayton Railway Bridge carries the old East Coast line into Selby. Photo: Neil Arlidge.
Selby Boat Yard, Selby Canal
Entering Selby, industrial buildings are on the left and Selby Boat Yard on the right.
Carlton Bridge, Selby Canal
Carlton Bridge carries the A1041 Bawtry Road from Selby to Carlton over the canal.