Ripon Canal (1) - Oxclose Lock to Nicholson's Bridge

entrance to Ripon Canal, River Ure
Keep your eyes open for a channel on the left, which is the entrance to the Ripon Canal.
The Ripon Canal opened in 1773 and was successful until the coming of the railways. It declined over many years, became unusable and was eventually abandoned in 1956. In 1961 restoration began, led by members of the Ripon Motor Boat Club. The canal was opened up in sections, reaching Littlethorpe Road Bridge in 1986 and Ripon Canal Basin in 1996.
Oxclose Lock, Ripon Canal
Approach to Oxclose Lock, the first lock on the Ripon Canal.
Oxclose Lock, Ripon Canal
Looking back from Oxclose Lock along the channel leading from the River Ure.
Oxclose Lock, Ripon Canal
Notice that, because of the positioning of the ground paddles, part of the walkway on each gate needs to be lifted to open the gate fully.
Oxclose Lock, Ripon Canal
Looking along the Ripon Canal from Oxclose Lock.
Oxclose Lock, Ripon Canal
Looking back to Oxclose Lock. The gates have been left open for another boat approaching the lock from the direction of Ripon.
Renton's Bridge, Ripon Canal
Renton's Bridge.
Nicholson's Bridge, Ripon Canal
Looking towards Nicholson's Bridge with moorings of Ripon Motor Boat Club on the left.
Ripon Motor Boat Club, Ripon Canal
Entrance to Ripon Motor Boat Club marina.