Poynton to Bollington (2) - Virtual canal trip along the Macclesfield Canal

Adlington Basin, Macclesfield Canal
Passing Lyme View Marina at Adlington Basin, Fourlane Ends, with Grimshaw's Bridge in the distance.
Fourlane Ends, Macclesfield Canal
Looking back from Grimshaw's Bridge, Fourlane Ends.
Hibberts Brow
Hibberts Brow, near Adlington village.
Bartons Bridge
Approaching Bartons Bridge.
Snapes Bridge
Snapes Bridge shows the oval shape typical of most of the stone overbridges on the Macclesfield Canal.
Approaching Bollington, Macclesfield Canal
Rounding a bend near Lane Head, Whiteley Green, the village of Bollington comes into view.
Sugar Lane Bridge
Sugar Lane Bridge is a good example of a skew bridge, with the road crossing at an angle.