Skipton to Gargrave (1) - Leeds and Liverpool Canal

Pinder Bridge
Looking towards Pinder Bridge (Keighley Road), as the canal approaches the centre of Skipton.
The Leeds and Liverpool Canal in Skipton, looking west. There are popular moorings here, close to the town centre.
Belmont Street Bridge,
Belmont Street Bridge, near the centre of Skipton.
Looking north from Belmont Street Bridge
Looking north from Belmont Street Bridge. The canal curves westward to the left, while the entrance to the Springs Branch can be seen to the right.
junction with the Springs Branch
The junction with the Springs Branch, looking across to Coach Street Bridge.
Springs Branch, Skipton
A view of the Springs Branch from Coach Street Bridge, Skipton, with the Royal Shepherd pub to the right.
Brewery Swing Bridge
Brewery Swing Bridge, no.127.
Brewery Swing Bridge
Looking back from Brewery Swing Bridge towards Victoria Mill.
Brewery Swing Bridge
Looking west from Brewery Swing Bridge with Belle View Mill and Glista Mill to the left.
Niffany Swing Bridge
Niffany Swing Bridge.
Niffany Swing Bridge
Niffany Swing Bridge.
West of Skipton
Near Niffany Farm the main road runs alongside the canal for a short stretch. One of Pennine Motors' famous orange and grey buses passes.