Stockport Branch Canal - 2

Stockport Branch Canal
South of Ashton Old Road, the site of an old boiler works is a wide grassy area. The path dollows the route of the canal.
Crabcroft Bridge, Stockport Branch Canal
A short distance to the south, Crabcroft Bridge carries Ogden Street across the canal line.
Stockport Branch Canal
Just south of Crabcroft Bridge, is this bridge which carried the towpath across the entrance to a short arm that served the Ashton Canal Company's Gorton Maintenance Yard. The bridge was constructed in 1864.
Carved keystone, Stockport Branch Canal
The keystone of the towpath bridge at Gorton Maintenance Yard has been carved into the shape of a face. The yard closed in 1962.
Gorton Aqueduct, Stockport Branch Canal
The canal crossed the Manchester to Sheffield railway over Gorton Aqueduct. There was originally a substantial stone aqueduct here but, when the railway was widened to four tracks in 1905, this iron trough aqueduct was built to replace it.
Stockport Branch Canal
The canal route continues southwards with King George V Playing Field on the right and Longford Street on the left.
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