Longest Canal Tunnels in England

It is widely known that Standedge Tunnel is the longest canal tunnel in the country. But what about the second longest, third longest, etc? For comparison, this page lists those canal tunnels that are over one mile or 1500 metres in length.

Tunnel Canal Length Opened Other information
Standedge Huddersfield Narrow 5210m 3.24 miles 1811 disused since 1940s, re-opened in 2001, width restrictions, boat passage is escorted and must be booked
Strood Thames and Medway 3595m 2.23 miles 1824 from 1844 tunnel shared with single rail track, in 1846 canal infilled, double rail track built
Sapperton Thames and Severn 3490m 2.17 miles 1789 disused since 1927, partly re-opened 1996 for trip boat at Coates end
Lapal Dudley No 2 3470m 2.16 miles 1798 disused since 1917
Dudley Dudley No 1 2884m 1.79 miles 1792 boats towed through by electric tug, height restrictions
Butterley Cromford 2800m 1.75 miles 1794 disused since 1900
Blisworth Grand Union 2794m 1.74 miles 1805  
Netherton BCN Netherton Branch 2768m 1.72 miles 1858  
Harecastle Trent and Mersey 2675m 1.66 miles 1827  
Harecastle Old Trent and Mersey 2650m 1.65 miles 1777 disused since 1900
Norwood Chesterfield 2633m 1.64 miles 1775 disused since 1907
Wast Hill Worcester and Birmingham 2492m 1.55 miles 1815  
Morwell Down Tavistock 2322m 1.44 miles 1816 Canal built for 25ft x 4ft 6in iron tub boats. A short distance from downstream end of tunnel, loads were transferred to an inclined plane descending 237 ft (72m) to Morwellham Quay on the River Tamar.
Navigation of canal and tunnel ceased around 1890 but both still in use supplying water to hydro-electric plant at Morwellham Quay.
Oxenhall Herefordshire & Gloucestershire 2000m 1.24 miles 1798 disused since 1865
Braunston Grand Union 1887m 1.17 miles 1796  
Crimson Hill Chard 1800m 1.12 miles 1841 Chard Canal built to carry tub-boats 26ft x 6.5ft. Closed in 1868.
Foulridge Leeds and Liverpool 1500m 0.93 miles 1796  

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