River Ouse (2) - Cawood

Selby, River Ouse
Looking back to Ideal Flour Mills as the River Ouse takes a sharp right turn, a brief glimpse of the tower of Selby Abbey can be seen.
Rank Hovis Imperial Mills, River Ouse
Half a mile after the Ideal Flour Mills, Rank Hovis's Imperial Mills loom behind the trees on the right hand bank.
Rank Hovis Imperial Mills, River Ouse
Rank Hovis's Imperial Mills.
Turn Head, River Ouse
Near Turn Head, Barlby.
Near Barlby, River Ouse
The River Ouse near Barlby. This is typical of the scenery along the tidal section of the river.
Cawood Church, River Ouse
Passing Cawood Church.
Cawood Swing Bridge, River Ouse
Cawood Swing Bridge.
Cawood, River Ouse
Water skier north of Cawood.
River Wharfe, River Ouse
About a mile north of Cawood Bridge the River Wharfe comes in from the left. The Wharfe has many shallow areas and it is not advisable to attempt navigation. Photo: Neil Arlidge.
Acaster Selby, River Ouse
Manor Farm at Acaster Selby.