Pennine Waterways
Pennine Waterways
Huddersfield Narrow Canal
Mottram Road Bridge, Stalybridge (2)

June 22nd 2000: A bed of concrete has been laid beneath the major sewer pipe that runs under the site of the new bridge. The steel re-inforcement rods show where a section of bridge is to be built in situ around the pipe whereas pre-cast sections have been used on each side.

July 6th 2000: The concrete box-culvert sections are all in place. The missing section in the foreground is being built in situ around a sewer pipe.

July 13th 2000: The same location as the previous picture. The pipe is now embedded in the new concrete floor of this section of bridge. The walls and roof have been constructed. The space around the concrete structure will shortly be in-filled and the piles removed ready for the road to be re-laid.

August 10th 2000: Looking south across the bridge only four weeks later. The piles have been removed, the concrete box culvert tunnel has been covered with hard core and kerbs constructed. The road surface has been laid and the road now open to traffic. The kerb on the right hand side is being re-aligned to its permanent position. The terrible traffic queues that the work has caused should be greatly reduced now.

March 31st 2001: The completed bridge from the south west, with the canal in water. The bare concrete walls have been clad with stone.

March 31st 2001: Looking back to the portal of the new Mottram Road bridge from the west. Lock 7W is immediately beyond the bridge.

Mottram Road bridge from the rear of the new Tesco store. The former mill to the left has now been converted into apartments.

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