Pennine Waterways
Pennine Waterways
Huddersfield Narrow Canal
Lock 7W, Stalybridge (2)

January 27th 2001: The newly constructed head gate area of Lock 7W complete with gate, with the reconstructed wash wall and the loading crane base to the right. Railings have been fitted alongside the ramp leading down below Mottram Road bridge.

January 27th 2001: Looking east along the chamber of Lock 7W. The scaffolding has been removed from the lock chamber, showing the lock's unusual construction (partly original stonework and partly concrete). Brick setts have been laid on each side of the lock.

January 27th 2001: The lock head area of Lock 7W looking west, showing the single head gate. The base of the old loading crane is seen on the left.

January 27th 2001: Looking west along Lock 7W. Mottram Road bridge can just be seen beyond.

February 3rd 2001: Looking west along Lock 7W. This picture clearly shows the part of the lock that is original and the part that has been constructed from concrete.

April 9th 2001: "Forget-me-not" noses into Lock 7W.

April 9th 2001: "Forget-me-not" in Lock 7W.

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